Adding value is what drives us.

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Stoneflow, the investment platform that stands for investments in real estate (portfolios) to which value can be added through sustainability and/or transformation or through redevelopment.

As a responsible company we focus on long term relationships with employees, customers, investors, municipalities and parties involved. We have extensive experience in the field of operation, (re)development and realization within the team. We distinguish ourselves by our pursuit of sustainability and by a horizon of 3 to 7 years.

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Stoneflow is a measure for awareness, participation and responsibilities in the field of sustainability. A fund with a focus on making existing buildings or portfolios more sustainable and maintaining long-term relationships with those involved. Stoneflow’s fund strives to encourage and increase the awareness, involvement and responsibility of its employees in achieving its CSR objectives as an integral part of Stoneflow’s business objectives. Only by setting the highest standards for ourselves can we be an inspiration to others.

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Stoneflow is a company with specialists who through years of experience and knowledge in the acquisition, operation and development of real estate and a wide range of segments with the highest quality standards. 

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Responsible entrepreneurship

The Stoneflow fund is transparent about its progress in sustainability and strives to meet the highest possible standards when reporting on CSR related activities.